Sudeep Das

Sudeep Das is the Lead Data Scientist on the Content and Recommendations team at OpenTable, where his main focus is on mining reviews and restaurant data to extract actionable insights to enable a personalized dining experience. Before moving into the Data Science space, Sudeep was an Astrophysicist (Princeton PhD, UC Berkeley postdoc) researching the properties of the early universe. He is an avid traveler, a food and coffee enthusiast, blogger, and is always looking to learn new things!

Sudeep Das - Data Science

Navigating themes in restaurant reviews with Word Mover’s Distance

Using Word Mover's Distance to find similar reviews across our corpus — even without similar keywords

Sudeep Das - Data Science

Mining a treasure trove of textual data

Diner reviews are a powerful tool in making better recommendations

Sudeep Das - Data Science

OpenTable rebrand: a week in tweets

Using Python for sentiment analysis

Sudeep Das - Data Science

Valentine’s Day diners are getting more demanding

Are we slowly moving away from the abstract notions of a romantic, immersive dinner, to a more prescribed and structured experience?

Sudeep Das - Data Science

Finding key themes from free-text reviews

Finding strong signals in our 15mm+ reviews